jeff on 8 Dec 2011 19:37:20 -0800

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[PLUG] Vmware oops

`Something happened' to RAID array on an ESXi 4 server [RAID5 4 drives].

Drives were reinitialized, server boots, ESXi comes up.
We can find everything except the vmdk we're looking for.
Recovery software [run from its own OS] finds tons of files that were inside the vmdk, but most are trashed.

Vmware consultants stated that this happens a lot - when storage fails, vmdk's get hosed.

Of course there's no backup.

Do I even try booting with linux and running any of our tools or should I advise some people to start updating their resumes? I don't believe there's anything that runs inside the ESXi shell [ctl-alt-f1], is there?

I love hearing coworkers say, "UGH. This is LINUX.  How do I navigate?"

--Perplexed in PA

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