sean finney on 8 Dec 2011 14:59:26 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Lost gigabytes?

On Thu, Dec 08, 2011 at 03:47:29PM -0500, Rich Freeman wrote:
> Your one partition is further divided up using LVM, and so root is
> just a portion of it.  LVM does allow for resizing so you can shuffle
> things around - IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!  You may need
> to shrink existing filesystems and then their corresponding logical
> volumes - then increase other logical volumes and their corresponding
> filesystems.

sounds like / got 45GB and /home got the rest.  Personally I don't think
that's such a bad setup, in fact I usually have even smaller /'s and leave
the rest unallocated (i.e. unused LVM extents).  That way if 3 months later
I decide I want to have a database partition or something, I can create it
out of thin air without having to touch my partition table.

> If this is on a laptop might not hurt to bring it to a PLUG meeting or
> otherwise work with somebody who is familiar with LVM.  Or you can
> learn about it online, but make sure you understand what is going on
> or (ideally and) have good backups.

I think LVM is pretty safe (when growing fileysstems at least, I never bother
with shrinking them), though yes, at least understand the cmdline options
that you're passing to lvresize as it would be awful to think you're
growing a certain number of extents but instead be providing the new
absolute size.  And backups are always good to have too :)

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