Art Alexion on 13 Dec 2011 09:04:05 -0800

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[PLUG] SonicWall compatible firewall and VPN

Problem:  I work for a non-profit social services agency.  We have branch offices, throughout the country, which often move when their one year leases run out in order to keep their rents low.  This presents a problem with their Internet accounts.  One solution we are testing are cellular based wireless APs.  That way, they can take their Internet access with them.  These devices are only sort of designed for this.  That is, they can be clustered to deliver more bandwidth, but doen't seem to support a hardware firewall/vpn because there is no wired connection.

Possible work-around: We are thinking that we might be able to connect a computer downstream that provides the firewall/vpn capabilities, and have the office workstations connect to the internet through that computer.

Has anyone ever done anything like this?
Ias there a distro that might do this better than another?
If not, recommendations for packages to install on Ubuntu or Debian systems that could accomplish this?

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