Eric H. Johnson on 13 Dec 2011 10:52:50 -0800

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[PLUG] Autostart application under xfce

Hi all,

I have a very odd problem with an xubuntu 10.04 system and running an
application at log-on. This system runs headless, so it logs into a user
account automatically and runs an applications as that user. When a monitor
is attached it runs fine. If I disconnect the monitor, it appears that the
applications does not start. I have also checked keyboard and mouse, but
they have no effect, it clearly seems to be related to the monitor.

I have checked dmesg and log files under /var/log but don't see any obvious
entries indicating why the application did not start. I am speculating that
the timing changes when no monitor is attached, and hence does not go
through the monitor auto-detect, or perhaps takes longer in waiting for it
to time out.

The application is set to run from the auto-start applications of session
monitor (xfce settings). I have tried changing the wait period under login
settings, with no effect. The auto-start settings appear to be in the logged
on user account under .config/autostart, but there does not appear to be any
direct way of adjusting the priority (start order) or to introduce a delay.

I guess I have three basic questions about xfce:

1> Is there another log file I should be looking at for error messages from
2> Is there a way to adjust priorities or start order of auto-started
3> Is there a way to introduce a delay before an auto-started program


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