JP Vossen on 29 Dec 2011 21:20:48 -0800

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[PLUG] XBMC "feeds?"

In addition to MythTV, we've been using Boxee (0.9something) desktop on Lucid 64-bit for some things like _The Daily Show_. Now, with the 1.5 Boxee desktop only being available until the end of January then being EoL so they can focus on embedded devices (, it's time for something else.

Since Boxee is built on XBMC, the seems like an obvious choice. But based on the preso, discussion on this list, and messing around with it from the Lucid PPA, it seems like XBMC mostly plays stuff you already have. There are a bunch of plugins that sort-of help that, like the PBS or TED Talk ones, but I have not found anything like the big lists in Boxee of common/popular network shows.

I know I can go out and manually find that stuff on various web sites and whatever, but the beauty of Boxee was that I didn't have to--it was Just There.

Any suggestions?

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