Art Alexion on 6 Jan 2012 05:24:12 -0800

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[PLUG] gpg4win

I have a department which needs to communicate with an insurer with pgp encryption. A few years ago, I used gpg4win with Outlook 2003 for work. It uses a windows compiled version of the KDE based kleopatra for key management and stand alone encryption, and had a plug in for Outlook 2003. I tried setting this up for them, but the keyserver functionality seems to be broken, and there doesn't seem to be any integration with Outlook 2010.

Anyone else using this in an Office 2010 environment? Am I missing something that makes it work again?

Anyone have other suggestions for a gnupg that works with Office 2010?

I prefer not to use IMAP with Thunderbird/enigmail, nor a proprietary pgp solution.

Art Alexion

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