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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Event of interest to the PLUG community: "Deconstructing the Cloud", Jan 23 in Philadelphia

Passing along the announcement for this event.  More info at

  "The Cloud" has moved from insider jargon to advertising commonplace.
  Some hail it as the technological miracle to solve all your IT problems.
  Others decry it as the end of security and freedom. Many are just
  confused. So let's cut through this confusion and separate the technical
  wheat from the marketing chaff, and learn how to exploit it to your best
  advantage and avoid falling into the pitfall of "techno-feudalism".
  Allowing plenty of time for questions, this event is essential for anyone
  already using the cloud or those contemplating a migration in the future.

  We'll also discuss why the pending SOPA and PIPA legislation will destroy
  the stability and freedom of the internet, recap important points from
  our event with Richard Stallman on January 19 and explain why this is bad
  for both your personal life but also for your business and what you can
  do about it.

  Nick Mailer is a veteran Free and Open Source software evangelist,
  co-founder of The Positive Internet Company, and the author in 1994 of
  one of the first books to outline the power of the web to transform
  society. Mailer will share his experience providing managed services for
  major organizations by giving tips and tricks to stay safe and secure in
  the cloud, including how to cut through misleading hype. Nick will detail
  how the benefits of using Free and Open technologies are not simply
  ethical, but are essential for long-term commercial vitality, especially
  in cloud-based systems.

  Yuriy Rusko, a leading contributor to the Free and Open PHPBB forum
  software, co-founded Forumatic to provide the software as a
  high-availability managed service. He will discuss the approaches
  Forumatic took to ensure that the culture of Free software endured in
  their software as a service: like giving customers ownership and easy
  migration of their data, no contracts, easy licensing, freedom to use
  older versions, and openness about bugs--and he explains why these
  policies are good for his business and yours. Rusko will share stories to
  help you learn the ins and outs of Software as a Service, and how to
  select trustworthy partners in this arena.

  Register now for a discussion near you!

  Philadelphia, PA

  Monday, January 23, 2012
  Omni Hotel Independence Park
  401 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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