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[PLUG] Hit the Sticks, LLC is looking for a unix engineer


I'm the chief (read: only) engineer at a four-man gamedev studio
located in Devon, PA. Right now, we're nearing completion of our
intensely nerdy online turn-based strategy game. It's got robots and
orbital lasers; it's awesome.

Our plan is to build a scalable architecture that will take us from a
couple hundred concurrent games on up to several tens of thousands of
concurrent games before we have to re-architect. While I have ideas on
how to achieve that, I don't have the time to both finish the game and
build an enterprise-class network. Well, that and I'm a gamedev, so my
networking skills kind top out at reflashing my router.

We're extremely open to different technologies. The software-side
requirements for the network are fairly straightforward, so there's a
lot of flexibility in how to implement it.

Just to be clear, we're looking for a full-time employee.
Telecommuting is not really an option.

The official job posting is at:

If you have questions, feel free to email me back directly--no need to
spam up the list with it.


---Aubrey R. Jones
Chief Engineer, Hit the Sticks, LLC
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