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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu pulls the 'official' plug on Kubuntu

On Feb 16, 2012, at 10:08 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:

It seems to me that everybody is conceding the desktop war and placing
their hopes on desktops being replaced by touchscreen tablets.  I'm
not convinced that this will happen.  Tablets get people excited, and
people who do nothing but read email and websites love them.  That
tends to include lots of managers (who basically just go to meetings
and read email and documents), so it gains high-level support in the
enterprise as well.  However, I've yet to see tablets successfully
deployed to people who actually do work, except in certain niches
(where they often compete more with PDAs or whatever if the business
has already taken automation seriously).

This is kind of a different topic, but I'll bite.  I do a lot of Android and iOS management at work, and have some insight.  Tablets do things that most people need to do *while on the road* well.  They are also a bit more secure (at least iOS >4).  We can also implement a VDI on a tablet so that no company data is actually on the tablet if its lost or stolen.

People are strange, though.  I am starting to see people get bulky covers and even bulkier ones with keyboards for them.  These accessories increase the size and weight so much that they may as well be netbooks -- except you can do more with netbooks -- and do it more cheaply.  Kinda reminds me of laptops as "desktop replacements".  Laptops so big and powerful that they 
  1. weigh too much to actually carry
  2. use so much power you can barely run them on battery
  3. are difficult and expensive to upgrade or repair, relative to the actual desktop
  4. cost a lot more than an actual desktop.
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