Casey Bralla on 3 Mar 2012 15:23:11 -0800

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[PLUG] Jerky Behavior During I/O

Does anybody else have this problem?

Whenever my disk or network is doing a large data transfer, the desktop 
"jerks" (ie: it freezes for a very short time, then unfreezes, then freezes, 
unfreezes, etc)

I believe this is happening when the system is responding to a hardware 
interrupt for either the disk or network subsystem.

I have checked, and DMA is active on my SATA disk drive.

I'm running Gentoo unstable on a 2.8 GHz AMD quad-core with 8 GBytes of RAM, 
so I'm not exactly underpowered.

The jerking isn't terrible, but it is somewhat annoying.  I don't recall ever 
having this problem with my windows machine at work.

I'm using the Gentoo "Low latency" kernel.

Does anybody else have this problem?  Anybody have a suggestion for trying to 
reduce the impact of hardware IRQs on a desktop?


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