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Re: [PLUG] Computer + Music


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On 3/20/12 4:25 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
I didn't want to hijack Jeff's "linux in the strangest places" thread, but it reminded me of:

*Really* cool stuff! But it's not animated music... Wikipedia explains it well. It is: "... MIDI events processed to simultaneously drive the music and on-screen action, leading to and corresponding to every sound.

"Unlike many other music visualizations, the music drives the animation. While other productions might animate figures or characters to the music, the animated models in Animusic are created first, and are then programmed to follow what the music "tells them" to. ..."

There are clips on the web site and YouTube. "Pipe Dreams" blew me away, and I really love "Harmonic Voltage", "Future Retro" and "Aqua Harp"...

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