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[PLUG] Fwd: Join the fight against the Cable Lobby

Forwarded from Boxee because this could severely impact F/OSS solutions like MythTV that many of us use and love...

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Subject: Join the fight against the Cable Lobby
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 20:51:55 -0400
From: Team Boxee <>
Reply-To: Boxee Marketing Support <>

Cable companies want to increase the cable bills of millions of Americans and to virtually eliminate competition from third party devices like Boxee. We want you to know because it will affect millions of people, non-Boxee and Boxee users alike, and we need your help to fight it.

For the past several months, Boxee has been forced into a legislative battle with cable companies. Right now, anyone can get basic tier cable. Attach your TV, computer, or Boxee Live TV tuner and everything just works. Cable companies want the federal government to end that, and to require every user to have ALL of their TVs attached to cable boxes. We're concerned many users who have Live TV tuners and rely on basic cable will be hurt by this, but we're also focused on how the issue goes far beyond Boxee.

Here are the effects of the rule:

1. It could more than DOUBLE the cost for the typical new basic cable subscriber.

2. If you have a TV that's hooked up to cable without a box, you MUST rent a set top box for that TV.

3. If your computer's TV tuner is connected to your cable connection without a box, it will no longer work unless it uses a CableCARD.

4. If you bought a DVR that does not include a CableCARD it will no longer work without an antenna. If you don't get signal with the antenna, your DVR is now worthless.

We've joined with Public Knowledge (, one of the leading consumer rights organizations in Washington (and one of the most important organizers of the Anti-SOPA movement) along with the Consumer Electronics Association ( and numerous consumer electronics manufacturers to try and stop this rule making from happening.

Consumer voices are highly valued at the FCC so please take a few minutes to help preserve access to basic cable, and prevent cable companies from virtually eliminating competition from innovators like Boxee, Hauppauge and SimpleTV.

Customize this form ( from Public Knowledge to share your experience for the most impact. And thank you for your action on this problem.

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[1] I hate it when people use short URLs like that, because a) I never know where it's going and b) they get to track you when you click on it. :-( I went to add these to but they are already there.

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