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[PLUG] Hi - Intro....

Hi, everybody.

I wanted to introduce myself and see if anybody from BCLUG was on the list...

I'm located in Bucks County near Doylestown.  I've been using Linux since kernel version 1.15 if memory serves.  I'm now freelancing, trying to make a living after a doing the corporate thing for about 30 years (gad).  Mostly, I hack at Magento, develop PHP/SOA stuff for VMWare, and whatever I can for a buck.

I'm starting to feel the need to understand IPV6 and what's going to do for the 'net (or do to the 'net ;).  So if anybody hears of a free/low cost seminar, I'd love to hear about it.



Paul Stavrides
Progress-Technical /
571 Creek Road
Hartsville, PA 18974

(215) 915-3216 (Cell)
paul.stavrides (Yahoo)
paul.w.stavrides (Skype)

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