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Re: [PLUG] large email volume for comcast user

On 2012-04-18 22:08, Eric at Lucii.org wrote:
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A friend of mine runs a private email list so he sends an average of a couple of dozen emails a day to several hundred people. He's switching to Comcast because his old ISP is going away. Now he has discovered that Comcast caps his outbound email to 1000 per day. After that, the SMTP server just stops responding. They've told him that he can send more if he pays for a business
account but he's not willing to go that route since the list is more of a
personal hobby than anything else.

Is comcast really going to count the number of SMTP connections he opens to other SMTP servers every months ? That seems silly. Are you sure the outbound limit isn't just limited to comcast.com addresses ?
I'm pretty sure that, if you run your own MTA, comcast's limit won't apply.

Or go Fios.

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