Gary Duzan on 19 Apr 2012 04:33:49 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] large email volume for comcast user

In Message <>,
   Julien Vehent <>wrote:

=>On 2012-04-19 6:39, Gary Duzan wrote:
=>> In Message <>,
=>>    Julien Vehent <>wrote:
=>> =>Is comcast really going to count the number of SMTP connections he opens 
=>> to
=>> =>other SMTP servers every months ? That seems silly.
=>>    Why count them when you can simply block them? When I had Comcast
=>> they disallowed any outgoing SMTP, except to their mail server,
=>> where it is easy to count them. Now I have FIOS, but I still route
=>> email from my home network over a VPN tunnel to a Xen VPS I run.
=>> 					Gary Duzan
=>Doesn't look blocked:
=>$ nc 25
=> [ ... ]

   Right, they may wait until you exhibit "spam-like activity", i.e., actually
using it to send any email. I have no idea what criteria they used to flag me;
they aren't exectly open about that sort of thing, and less open about removing
a block.

					Gary Duzan

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