Julien Vehent on 21 Apr 2012 13:25:17 -0700

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[PLUG] This is not a job offer

There is a couple of very tech oriented companies around philly, and I happen to work for one of them: AWeber. I'm a security/system engineer there, working mostly on making our Linux network more secure. The sysadmin team is rather small: 4 sysadmins, 2 security/sysadmins. Mostly a young team, entirely Linux-centric, specialized in web hosting and emails infrastructures (it's the core of AWeber's business).

There is a lot of things that I like at AWeber. The technology is great (right now I'm spending ~40% of my time integrating netfilter/iptables with Chef, and next we'll be preparing a BGP setup for dual datacenter) but above everything else, the total absence of bullshit is probably the most important. No politics, no windows-locked-workstations, etc... Just technology and a bunch of nice, friendly and tech hungry people.

We play foosball and basketball at lunch. We even have a band ! (I play bass)

The purpose of my email (yes there's one): We are not officially looking for new sysadmins, but if you have strong Linux knowledge and the outline above is the kind of environment you are looking for, then please PLEASE shoot your resume over. We can really use a couple more smart people around here !

(oh, and, I also know that we're looking for web devs python/javascript oriented... just sayin)


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