Julien Vehent on 3 May 2012 17:01:06 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] When M$ wants things done right...

On 2012-05-03 14:02, jeff wrote:

they rely on linux.


[silent snickering enabled]

They lost the server battle years ago.
Seriously, when was the last time you heard an IT manager say: I just got a quote from microsoft for our new web server and database farm (although, sqlserver is actually pretty good. they must have bought it).

Microsoft knows that. They lost that one. They're trying not to lose the mobile war now.

Funny thing is, back in 2004 I was trying to install a fedora/samba in a french public administration, and I almost got fired for it. They were glued to their NT4 and 2000 servers, didn't want to learn something else.

So, Yeah, That's Good Stuff !

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