Rich Freeman on 7 May 2012 20:31:17 -0700

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[PLUG] The upcoming battle of the inits...

Greg KH posted a nice summary on Google+ of where he sees the future
of the linux userland going:

His sense is that the days of the general-purpose distro (aka
Debian/Gentoo/etc) may be numbered.  See also his linked lwn comment
which also does a good job summarizing these issues.

Arguments over this have been going back and forth on the gentoo-dev
lists for a while now, as Greg alludes to.

I guess the irony of this sort of thing is that a project like systemd
probably couldn't have taken off so quickly if it weren't for the fact
that general-purpose distros make it fairly easy to swap out the
entire init system.

Maybe that's the future that distros like Debian/Gentoo are condemned
to - doing much of the heavy lifting, but having the sponsor links in
distros that use their work pointing to places like
Canonical/Google/etc.  Then again, I never really got the sense that
these kinds of distros are out to win a popularity contest.

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