K.S. Bhaskar on 11 May 2012 04:39:33 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Bizarre proxy behavior after upgrading a partition from 11.10 to 12.04 LTS

It turned out to be two issues. The first is a bug in KDE Software Settings where when I set the proxy server, it puts a space before the port rather than a colon! When I manually edited kioslaverc to put a colon, bingo, it started working.

The problem with aptitude turned out to be that in my flailing, I had with gnome-control-center set a system wide proxy. When I cleared it, aptitude started using the service account and worked.

-- ÂBhaskar

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 11:40 PM, Russ Wenner <russwenner@gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 4:56 PM, K.S. Bhaskar <bhaskar@bhaskars.com> wrote:
I experienced such bizarre behavior with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my laptop that I am at a bit of a loss as to where to start troubleshooting.

I am also having intermittent troubles in Xubuntu 12.04 with my network connections. ÂI have not been able to positively pinpoint the cause but there seems to be others on forums, etc. having intermittent connectivity issues. ÂMy symptoms are similar-to-but-not-exactly-like this bug reportÂhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/984552
I do have Intel network both wired & wireless, my issue happens both wired & wireless. ÂI see the problem in everything that touches the web, browsers, FileZilla, gpodder, etc. ÂAll the Windows and Mac machines in my house are not having any problems and the 10.04.4 LTS that I was running on this laptop before the upgrade had no problems at all. Very strange.


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