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Re: [PLUG] Internships/volunteer work?

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 1:11 PM, kbenjamin Coplon <> wrote:
I Âam a twelfth grade homeschooler with a strong desire to work within
the Âfree software community. Â Linux has been my primary hobby for
three years. I am seeking the chance to increase my skills and am
eager to help with any projects in whatever way possible. My schedule
is flexible. Please contact me if you Âhave any ideas or leads.
Thank you very much.

This is great, Ben.

Once recommendation: start forking git repos. Commit patches, then submit pull requests. Find projects you yourself are interested in and try to make them better. Given the experience you linked to, you might already have some of this experience, but it's hard to tellâand it shouldn't be hard to tell. If you don't think your skills are strong enough yet to contribute to work others have started, then get cracking on your own projects, but make sure you can showcase your writing.

GitHub is dead-simple to setup, self-hosted Gitorious may get you slightly more points in certain circles. I recommend being comfortable working with, and setting up repos in, both.

This listserv is generally full of great people with fine ideas, but don't forget that you're always going to work hardest at a project you thought up, to fix a problem you identified.
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