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Re: [PLUG] So, That's it for Thunderbird

On Jul 7, 2012, at 11:11 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
> Is there any way to do native android with the Open-source edition of
> Zimbra yet?  Their features page seems to suggest that Android might
> be second class, and it is only available if you fork out $840 for
> their network edition.
> For a small business that isn't a bad deal (collaboration/etc for up
> to 15 people), but if all you need is an email client/server for
> personal use that seems a bit steep.
> I'd definitely prefer to ditch proprietary cloud services like Gmail,
> but it just seems like nothing else is comparable yet.


It depends on how you define 'do native android.'  I run Zimbra personally and professionally and a combination of imap and caldav works very well on the iPhone with Open Source Zimbra. I have limited Android experience.

Honestly ActiveSync is hard on the battery so even where I have the choice of ActiveSync+Zimbra I chose imap + caldav.  I set the phone to download every 15 minutes and my battery lasts well over a day, sometimes two depending on usage.  My (non-technical) wife uses a similar configuration on her iPhone to share calendars with me and it works very well.


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