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Re: [PLUG] DCAnet dropping DSL


On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 2:10 AM, Doug Crompton <> wrote:
> I received a surprizing but not totally unexpected letter from DCAnet that
> effective October 1st they are dropping DSL services as Verizon is
> dropping support and provisioning of DSL for them. It also goes on to
> mention that this is in spite of their regulatory requirment to do so.


> I am curious if ther are others out there that still like to do there own
> thing or is this now a thing of the past? I know I coud get static IP from
> other providers and I could continue DSL from Verizon but the static IP
> packages are very expensive. I do not need speed. My 4 Meg DSL has served
> me well.

I've been using Speakeasy (aka Covad aka Megapath these days after a
number of mergers) since 2006 so you may check with them.

For some reason they no longer mention residential DSL on their
website, but try to call them anyway.

I have a regular (copper wire) phone service from Verizon though (not
FIOS) - not sure how much it matters*. And Verizon just recently
confirmed me that they simply would not provide static IP to
residential customers (that is, without corporare tax ID).


* About 10 years ago in other state Speakeasy told me they could not
provide me a shared line DSL to my address because "there was too much
fiber". AT&T (who was the "incumbent" and owned all wires) did not
refuse to provide a business DSL solution (with static IPs) to me
togerher with phone though.

I also recently asked Speakeasy about their voice (phone) services
over the same DSL: this would be cheaper than a nation-wide landline
plan from Verizon, but lacks emergency calling during power outages.

Dmitry Golubovsky

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