Rich Freeman on 23 Jul 2012 13:32:40 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] AWS info

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 4:24 PM, Doug Crompton <> wrote:
> I have about 8-10 virtual domains that get fairly low, by todays
> standards, usage. No databases or other complexity. I may also want to run
> sendmail and some voip (asterisk)  Do you think a micro instance would
> suffice?

I'd say a single micro instance would cover everything but asterisk
just fine.  For the web stuff you might even want to leverage stuff
like cloudfront or even S3 if you have no server-side components
(those charge for data transfer and storage only, have more bandwidth
than God, and you can take any file and turn it into a torrent if you
want and they'll seed it for you and only charge for the data they
upload (not for the swarm's contribution)).  You might look at a combo
approach like putting basic pages on a conventional webserver, but
offloading anything big to cloudfront to handle the scaling and
occasional slashdotting.

For asterisk I'd recommend testing it.  Micro instances have a burst
capability but I imagine that any phone call will greatly outlast
that, and clearly that is a realtime need.

For anything that runs 24x7 be sure to use reserved instances for base
load, once you're past any pilots.

They don't charge you except for what you use, so it is pretty cheap
to experiment.  Just don't leave any big clusters idling while you're

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