Kevin McAllister on 27 Jul 2012 20:35:51 -0700

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[PLUG] server install automation and testing

At work we've been doing quite a bit of devops, specifically using chef to deploy and manage servers.  I've been concerned about verifiability that the work the many chef recipes was doing:

a) was actually doing what we thought.
b) new things weren't regressing older things.

Also while we run the service we sometimes, believe it or not, make changes right in production to deal with an active crisis, but fail to feed that information back into the dev cycle properly.  

It occurred to me that an automated testing system would be a good way to help with both of these issues.

So we've been working on implementing minittest-chef-handler into our workflow.  (

My question: would people be interested in a talk about this?  I don't think there is much competition for talks lately, so I suspect many wouldn't object, but if people are interested I can get a presentation together for PLUG North on 8/14.

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