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Re: [PLUG] Bulk mailing

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 2:44:17 AM Doug wrote:
> Now that it appears I am going to be caught in the dynamic IP (probably
> Comcast) world I need to figure out how to do my email. 
> I have a couple of groups that I email to using majordomo. One is a
> retirement group and the other a high school alumni group. Combined they
> have about 700 addresses. I send out to these groups sporadically. It
> could go a month or two between group sends or in some cases I send out 3
> or 4 messages in a short period of time. I would estimate never more than
> 2-3 thousand individual messages per month.
> The problem is that every provider - gmail, yahoo, godaddy, etc. has a
> recipient and rate limit on emails which would make it difficult to
> messages to groups. Limits vary but a typical limit would be 100
> recipients per message per hour for yahoo. I think it would be overkill to
> setup a dedicated or cloud server somewhere so I could retain my own
> outgoing SMTP.  
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to best approach this?
> Doug
> Doug Crompton

Doug, getting around the SMTP from a dynamic IP is very simple.  I've been 
doing it for 4 years through comcast.  I simply relay through their server.  
Since I am a Comcast Business customer, I can use my business account to have 
postfix (my SMTP server) log on to Comcast's SMTP server and relay through it.  
(It takes a just a couple of lines in a postfix configuration file).  Since the 
eMail recipients see the comcast server, not your server, as the intermediate 
source, it is trusted and approved.

Comcast may throttle your mail, however.  I never send that many eMails, but I 
have written a python script which sends email at a predetermined rate to 
prevent being flagged as spammer.  If you like, I will send you that script 


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