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Re: [PLUG] Bulk mailing

Comcast residential and business are a little different in how they throttle email. Residential works on a daily usage and business on an hourly usage. When you reach quotas you can't send email for the rest of the day or hour depending on which plan you have. Both have the same general restriction as other providers. Restrictions that make it difficult to plan when sending out email to multiple recipients. I assume the same restrictions apply to email relaying from a third party application. Since I will not have access to business class my restrictions would be more severe than yours. When you read the long acceptable use policy it would appear they have given themselves broad latitude on what is acceptable at least as far as bandwidth. So they may not be enforcing something now but could bring the axe down at any time.

Doug Crompton

Doug, getting around the SMTP from a dynamic IP is very simple.  I've been
doing it for 4 years through comcast.  I simply relay through their server. 
Since I am a Comcast Business customer, I can use my business account to have
postfix (my SMTP server) log on to Comcast's SMTP server and relay through it. 
(It takes a just a couple of lines in a postfix configuration file).  Since the
eMail recipients see the comcast server, not your server, as the intermediate
source, it is trusted and approved.

Comcast may throttle your mail, however.  I never send that many eMails, but I
have written a python script which sends email at a predetermined rate to
prevent being flagged as spammer.  If you like, I will send you that script


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