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Re: [PLUG] Bulk mailing

The free plans have a lot of caveats and the pay plans, not just this one but all I have seen are big ripoffs. I liken this to the cellphone companies charging you astronomically high prices for text verses voice when the bandwidth difference is phenomenally different. If you paid for a voice call at the same rate they charge for text it would cost hundreds of dollars for a short call. The same is true for email verses streaming an HD movie. Email bandwidth and resources are a drop in the bucket compared to other services.  I am not going to pay $30 to send email twice to 500 people. The problem with the rational is that they charge for the number of recipients and number of messages rather than the actually message size. My messages are always text of less than a couple of K. Hey it the American way. Greedy companies see a need and have extra resources and decide to make big bucks on it.   

Doug Crompton

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Obviously not the fun, did-it-myself method, but services like MailChimp will do everything you need to do for free.

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