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Re: [PLUG] Bulk mailing

On Jul 28, 2012 12:53 PM, "Doug" <> wrote:
>  I am not going to pay $30 to send email twice to 500 people. The problem with the rational is that they charge for the number of recipients and number of messages rather than the actually message size. My messages are always text of less than a couple of K. Hey it the American way. Greedy companies see a need and have extra resources and decide to make big bucks on it.   

You're paying for the fact that the way the Internet community has responded to spam has made unblocked IPs a scarce commodity. You can send all the email you want from any IP. The problem is that most of your recipients give their mail hosting business to companies who block first and refuse to discuss blocks with anybody who doesn't send them tens of thousands of legit emails a day. So, the only way a sending service can do business is to do a lot of it, which means high barriers to entry, and thus high costs.

You might check out AWS. They charge a penny per 1k emails, plus bandwidth (free below 1GB). So, that's thirty cents a month for the volumes you mention.

You just have to deal with their API, but I'm sure there are packages that bridge it.


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