julien on 1 Aug 2012 14:27:12 -0700

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[PLUG] [Fosscon] Netfilter workshop

Howdy Plug,

I'll be holding a 2H workshop on Netfilter at Fosscon. We will dive into the kernel, look at how Linux processes packets, and how to manipulate them using iptables, ipset, netfilter hooks, ...
I decided to label the workshop as "advanced" to make it more interesting for engineers who already manage firewalls, and want to play with the more advanced features. If you have no experience with Netfilter, or think that this really is just some insane dusty diagram, this is not going to be the best workshop to start with. On the contrary, if you read your emails with tcpdump, you should definitely stop by !

That being said, I am curious to know if the attendees have specific expectations. If you would like to discuss a particular aspect of Netfilter during the workshop, please reply to this email. I don't guarantee that I will be able to cover everything in 2 hours, but I can try :) I gave a talk on Netfilter at AWeber a few weeks ago. It wasn't a workshop, so less interactive, but it gives an idea of the type of content: http://jve.linuxwall.info/blog/index.php?post/2012/08/01/Netfilter-and-Iptables-talk-at-AWeber Cheers, Julien -- Julien Vehent - http://jve.linuxwal.info
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