Art Clemons on 11 Aug 2012 21:26:07 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] race condition betwee modem and router

On 08/11/2012 11:12 PM, Doug wrote:
The problem? is that there is constant data between the router and the
modem. Both data lights blink continually. There is not data on the LAN
while this is happening. I can even pull the LAN lines and I still see
this constant data. I don't think I can http to the modem config page in
this configuration.I would need to connect the computer directly to the

Most of the time, you can connect to the modem through the router. Most cable modems have an address like, and your router should pass you through to that address. Look at your manual for the address.

I'm not sure that connecting to the modem will tell you what is going on, since I normally had to do that only when the modem for whatever reason had no working internet connection.

I'm not really sure you have a race condition though, cable modems show activity even when no IP traffic is passing, or at least every setup I've had or seen has done so. Personally I'ld try one of the web100 sites (you need java functioning though) and see what my throughput was. If it was relatively close to what was promised, I'ld forget the wan light activity and just use the system.

One difference between cable and DSL though is that cable doesn't require a keep alive ping or other connection. Most DSL modems shut down without through traffic after some set period of time. I'ld look for some setting that is left over from DSL for keeping the connection alive if my throughput was down, if not, I'ld forget about the keepalive too.
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