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Re: [PLUG] race condition betwee modem and router

Usually that traffic, is lots of ARP DHCP and other "garbage" traffic. Nothing to be concerned with. Simply put, if you see activity on the WAN and not on the LAN, your router/firewall is doing its' job.

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Doug <> wrote:

>Well I finally got my Comcast connection setup after a long debacle.
>I'll tell that story in a future post. Working fine - in the end they
>let me do self install. I ran a cable out the side of the house and
>they connected to it. Never came in the house. Even gave me the cable.Â
>I am using a Motorola SB6121 that I purchase and connected to single
>computer, Ubuntu 12.04, !G lan rate I am getting 25D/4U rates. This is
>(supposedly) the lowest internet rate - 24.95/month for 6 months and
>49.95/month after that. I have no other Comcast services.
>Ok hooked up a Buffalo Airstation router. I have been using it for
>years on DSL. I do not use the wireless on it. It is turned off. All is
>good. Router got a Comcast address. My computer is static in
>192.168.0.x space. Can communicate fine.
>The problem? is that there is constant data between the router and the
>modem. Both data lights blink continually. There is not data on the LAN
>while this is happening. I can even pull the LAN lines and I still see
>this constant data. I don't think I can http to the modem config page
>in this configuration.I would need to connect the computer directly to
>the modem. 
>Any ideas on what might be going on? I went over all the router
>settings and I don't see anything obvious.
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