Rich Freeman on 22 Aug 2012 13:15:49 -0700

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[PLUG] 4k Sectors

I'm contemplating getting a drive with 4k sectors.  I would be using
this with several partitions, with one of them being part of an md
raid5 and an lvm physical volume.

The documentation online is still pretty weak around this.  If I
ensure the partitions are all aligned on multiples of 8 sectors, is
that all that is necessary?  It would seem that this should work for
filesystems directly on partitions, but does anything further need to
be done with raid5 or lvm?  If any of those shift the starting point
by something other than a multiple of 8 I would think that would cause
problems, slowing down the entire array.

I suppose I can test raid performance both before and after adding the
drive, and if necessary remove and re-add it after tweaking things,
but that is pretty messy when you're talking about what will be a 5TB
array with the addition, and the risk of data loss probably isn't

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