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Re: [PLUG] Tried of Windows...

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 4:14 PM, Rich Freeman <> wrote:
 and I'll take
apt-get over rpm any day (not that I use either much).

When was the last time you used an rpm-based distro, the bad old days?  I used to hate on rpm as well because I used it when it was shitty (RH9 days) but a little over a year ago got turned onto RHEL from work.  In my opinion, rpm and yum are much more user friendly and superior from a cli standpoint than dpkg/apt-get/apt-cache.  Ubuntu LTS is usually a 3 year release but the most recent 12.04 is a 5 year release (dropping support in 2017).  RHEL6 and it's community built CentOS 6 support cycle ends in 2020.  I don't think it's that big of a difference attempting to configure CentOS6 vs. the Ubuntu LTS of which I set up both regularly.  I just prefer the way RHEL sets up configurations than Ubuntu.

At any rate, I might recommend Ubuntu using AppArmor if you're going to disable SELinux on CentOS.  But even with SELinux disabled I think I would take the ease of CLI configuration on CentOS over Ubuntu.  Plus, I dislike the Ubuntu community (politics bleh).  But then again that's why I hang out on this mailing list and the forums rather than the Ubuntu forum.

As far as PCIe SATA controllers go they are not all created equal.  In order to get mine working I needed to do a BIOS update but after that Linux detected it seamlessly.  It also depends on how new the hardware is because a machine I recently built does not work on the 2.6 kernel but *does* work on the 3.x kernel.  And while my RAID controller is one of those $1k controllers you speak of I agree about using RAID5 with mdadm which is what I use instead of the proprietary controller RAID anyways and just have the controller for its reliability.  mdadm definitely takes hardware out of the equation when it comes to recovering across different setups, which I like.

I think I dove a little more technical than the OP wanted so I'll end with that.

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