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Re: [PLUG] Strange networking (or Verizon marketing) question.

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 6:05 AM, Eric at <> wrote:
> They called Verizon to ask about setting up wireless access for their network.
> The Verizon person said that they could not set up wireless without switching to FiOS.
> Allegedly:
>   the DSL they have was "too slow" for wireless
>   the higher speed DSL is no longer available on their street
>   therefore, FiOS was the only option if they wished to have wireless.
> I called "BULLSHIT" and told them that the use of a wireless router was independent of the speed of their connection.
> Am I correct?

Yes.  I actually have the exact same flavor of Verizon of DSL running
to my home as a backup for when Comcast goes out. (Comcast insurance
;-) )

The device that they gave me is both a DSL modem and a router which
does NATing to the network.  All I had to do was put an
old Linksys WRT54G behind it in order to get wireless going.

Though the part about Verizon wanting to get away from DSL is true.
FIOS is what the're trying to push customers toward in areas where it
is available.

-- Doug

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