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Re: [PLUG] Strange networking (or Verizon marketing) question.

can you elaborate? as far as i know settops ONLY get data and VoD via MoCA as they don't have a way to connect to ethernet otherwise.

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John Kreno <> wrote:
There is a way to get around the MoCa stuff by using two action-tech
"routers" in bridged mode to bridge the correct ethernet to the
correct places using your own router of choice.


On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Rich Freeman <> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 2:55 PM, John BORIS <> wrote:
>> Fios is a bit more complicated as the router they give you also handles
>> some sort of tv function. I amabout to see about using a different
>> wireless router at home as the one the provide doesn't have good signal
>> strength in my house. Good for security but a PIA when i want to use my
>> ipad in the back of the house.
> The router doesn't actually do any TV functions. What it does do is
> act as a DHCP server, both to your ethernet and Wifi (ie your
> computers), AND to an ethernet-over-coax protocol that the set-top
> boxes use. So, the router is just a router, but the set-top boxes use
> it, and if they can't get an IP connection then they lose guide data
> and on-demand. The video itself is sent via a separate channel (QAM I
> assume - I know there is a bunch of encrypted QAM on the line and
> clear QAM for the locals).
> So, if you don't like the FIOS router it is a pain to avoid. You can
> either live with double-NATing, or you can set it to bridged mode.
> However, if you bridge the router then it won't listen to anything but
> your own router, and since your own router probably doesn't speak the
> fancy ethernet-over-coax protocol (and likely isn't attached to the
> coax at all), then the set top boxes won't be happy. You can also
> ditch their router entirely if you can convince Verizon to turn on the
> ethernet port on your ONT. Again, the set top boxes won't be happy.
> If you don't care about the guide data or on-demand on the set top
> boxes, then you don't need to worry about any of that. I just hook my
> set-top boxes up to MythTV anyway - so they don't do much but tune
> channels and waste electricity.
> Rich

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