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Re: [PLUG] Tonight's topic?

On 9/5/12 4:42 PM, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
Because I cunningly avoided specifying one. Generally what I do these days is invite questions at any time, and the just talk about things I've been thinking about or coding recently and going wherever the audience wants to take that. This seems to work.

I attended a recent talk by ESR at a Java Users Group meeting.  As he
said, no particular agenda, just took questions from the audience,
and allowed them to lead to interesting discussions.  I found it all
very useful and enlightening.  ESR is a good speaker with a ton of
practical programming knowledge, and interesting experiences.
We finally had to give up the meeting room, but ESR and many of
the attendees continued for a long while at the nearby pub.

For more info:

Wish I could make it...

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