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[PLUG] TurnKeyLinux: Debian-based pre-built appliances

I posted about these folks in 2008 and I ran across them again in a blog the other day. I was very interested to see that are now basing off of Debian (instead of Ubuntu) and they now have about 106 appliances in 7 different formats. Very cool.

TKL-12 announcement & good overview:

Types (
	1) ISO
	2) VMDK + VMX
	3) OVF
	4) OpenStack
	5) OenVZ
	6) Xen
	7) EC2 (

List of appliances:

There are some really awesome things listed, like:
* A whole bunch of web frameworks (PHP, Django, Ruby on Rails, Plone, more)
* A whole bunch of CMS and forum systems
* MySQL and PostgreSQL
* Bugzilla	Bug Tracking System
* Collabtive	GroupWare
* CouchDB	JSON based Web database
* DokuWiki	Documentation Wiki Platform
* Domain Controller	Drop-in PDC replacement
* ejabberd	XMPP and Web Chat
* Etherpad Lite	Real-time document collaboration
* File Server	Simple Network Attached Storage
* GitLab	Self Hosted Git Management
* iceScrum	Agile collaborative development
* Jenkins	Continuous integration
* Mantis	Bug Tracking System
* MediaWiki	Wikipedia's Wiki Engine
* MongoDB	NoSQL database
* Moodle	Course Management System
* node.js	Asynchronous Javascript Framework
* Piwik		Real Time Web Analytics
* ProjectPier	Easy Online Collaboration
* Redmine	Integrated SCM & Project Management
* Revision Control	All-in-one code repository
* Trac		Integrated SCM & Project Management
* Tracks	Getting Things Done (GTD) Application

And many more.	

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