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[PLUG] Songs for Computers & the Net

At one of the talks at Philly Tech Week in April that was for Gamers,
there were two examples of this shown.  Yes, it is very cool to see a
prototype game similar to Sonic the HedgeHog, where the landscape
contours - and speed of the sprite hero and his sprite assailants  -
were actually "driven" by the music inputs.

- John V.

> The "Music? Computers?" part made me think of Animusic though. Starting
to get OT, but very, very cool.
> http://www.animusic.com/
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animusic
> "...compilations of computer-generated animations, based on MIDI events
processed to simultaneously drive the music and on-screen action,
leading to and corresponding to every sound.
> Unlike many other music visualizations, the music drives the animation. ..."
> If that doesn't sound cool go watch http://archive.org/details/PipeDrea2001
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