Casey Bralla on 12 Sep 2012 15:15:18 -0700

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[PLUG] Virtual Network Question

My work computer (Windows 7) has a web application that calls back to the office 
server and sets up a Virtual Network with my work network.  I therefore can 
access Outlook and networked files directly from my work PC.

I want to do the same thing back to my home network, so my traveling netbook 
will be assigned an local IP from my home network, and I can easily mount nfs 
drives from servers on my home network (which, naturally, are behind a 

I've used various VNC programs in Linux (TightVNC, etc), but they all seem to 
be focused on running a remote desktop.  I want a remote & secure connection 
to my home network.

Googling so far has just brought up references to TightVNC and the like.  Can 
sombody point me to a source for a true Virtual Network connection between my 
laptop and my home?


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