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Re: [PLUG] MythTV + HDHR3-CC + Comcast?

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 3:02 AM, JP Vossen <> wrote:
Last Fall I bought a 2 tuner HDHR3-US when Comcast switched me to all digital. ÂThat part of the conversion worked great with MythTV (the channel setup was a giant pain, which Matt helped me out with).

Now however, 2 tuners are not quite enough, as I'm getting a conflict. I could just live without the conflicting show, I could buy another HDHR3-US for $82 [1], or I could buy a HDHR3-CC for $150 until 2012-09-21 [2]. ÂWhile more expensive, the HDHR3-CC has both 3 tuners and is cable-card ready.

1) Does that Just Work with Mythbuntu 10.04LTS (yes, 10.04, not upgraded yet, so mythtv-0.23.0+fixes24158-0ubuntu2)?

2) Is the cable-card part worth it? ÂDoes that actually work with Myth and Comcast (or FiOS)? ÂI don't actually care at the moment, but you never know...

3) I guess I could also try old-school over-the-air (OtA), but that requires an antenna and still needs a tuner to plug that into, so to a certain extent I'm back where I started, right? ÂOr am I missing something really obvious?

Anything else I'm not thinking of?

As I write and re-read this, it really seems like it makes the most sense to just bite the bullet and buy the $150 HDHR3-CC. ÂAnd I suppose that frees up the original HDHR3-US tuner for OtA if/when I get around to it?


1) Not sure that the CC models worked until 0.24 ... Worth researching. At very least you will need updated libhdhomerun libs/utils.

2) Cablecard is most definitely worth it. No more worrying about Comcast moving the channels to different multiplexes, etc. The only thing you have to worry about is them changing virtual channel number that a given station is assigned. That doesn't happen very often, and they typically send snail-mail notification. Also, it is even more in the "just works" category than the original HDHRs. Depending on the rep at comcast, you might even get the card gratis. Make sure you tell them you aren't using a TiVo! I have heard they work with FiOS, but haven't seen it myself.

3) If you get the CC model, you could do both... us the older HDHR for OTA, and the newer one for cable.Â

 Â --Matt

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