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Re: [PLUG] Upcoming December talk

On 9/19/2012 9:56 AM, Mark Dominus wrote:

Since nobody has any opinion on this, I will pick something that I
know everyone will dislike.

Probably it will involve a lot of advanced mathematics, and I will
wear my chaps.  You will all be so, so sorry.

Well, you certainly have my attention now! I may need to change my plans...this sounds like an excellent talk and I look forward to it now that there are chaps involved.

Actually, the main reason I didn't respond is that I'm not sure I'll be able to attend -- I certainly didn't want to request a discussion on advanced mathematics and then have everyone who was actually able to attend highly disappointed.

But, since no one else has responded, either, I might as well. Plus, the math+chaps joke[1] improved my morning, so here you go. Speaking only for myself, I'm interested in Perl, I've even written some, but advanced topics might be over my head. I'd be interested in hearing about how you used an advanced feature to save yourself 100 lines of code, or what new features on the horizon could make my life easier. I use git, but I haven't adjusted well, so I'd be very interested in hearing how you make it conform to your workflow and what that looks like. I don't enjoy math at all (do not get me started on "i"), so if you start talking about complex math, my eyes will glaze over and I'll do my best to feign interest while asking on IRC for waltman to explain in little tiny words what you mean :)

In general, I enjoy hearing about what interests other people. What sort of projects do you find engaging right now, what sort of hurdles have you recently overcome, what sort of implementation nightmares have you seen. Then again, near disaster stories are always great, too.

I know this doesn't give you much in the way of suggesting an actual topic, and the way $work is looking I'm not even sure I'll be able to attend, but hopefully I'll start some sort of discussion for you.


1 - I hope. I'm begging. Please let it be a joke?
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