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Re: [PLUG] perl and CPAN (was Re: Upcoming December talk)

On 10/20/2012 03:00 PM, wrote:
Re: [PLUG] perl and CPAN (was Re: Upcoming December talk)

+1 to everything everyone has said about all of it.

* I love CPAN.
* I hate CPAN.
* I **vastly** prefer using the modules from the distro, unless it's missing or old. * I go out of my way to not use CPAN for anything that might ever need to be even slightly portable. * Installing stuff from CPAN is *not* portable between Linux & Windows (some CPAN modules a) need compilers and b) assume decent/usable (non-Windows) environments.
* etc.

Especially +1 for a PLUG W or N talk, and for work-around tools like the .g-cpan' tool Rich mentioned that I've never heard of.

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