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Re: [PLUG] Open Wireless

On Nov 7, 2012, at 11:28 AM, Brian Stempin <> wrote:

> I remember posting about a similar question a few years back.  I think it'd be cool to have open wireless internet everywhere, but I don't want the police to come knocking at my door when someone abuses my connection.  I don't want to have my equipment taken for evidence because of someone else's stupidity.

Pretty much this. I think it's a great idea and love when businesses offer free wifi, but I probably won't at home. 

For years I have desired to run an open access point, but I really don't want the legal hassle if they come after me for something traced back to my network. There's the argument that having an open access point would actually reduce your headache, being open and public and all, but that's not really a chance I want to take. When the EFF is involved and "We don't think so" is the best answer to the FAQ "Will opening my network make me liable for others' illegal actions," I'm probably not going to take the chance. Even if eventually all my gear is returned and my name cleared, no doubt the initial investigation would be ugly (I'm thinking arrest, equipment seizures, probably losing job because of the arrest, etc). 

What I would suggest is legislation specifically protecting hosts in cases such as this. To rephrase the FAQ answer, the existing laws probably would eventually be found to protect the host anyway â I'd just rather not be the legal test bed.

Great movement for EFF to get involved with, just not for me right now. 

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