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[PLUG] Philadelphia Health IT Startup Looking For Sys Admin Contractor

Company description: Our company, Grand Round Table (or GRT for short), is a health IT startup in Penn’s Venture Initiation Program consisting of a team of people with healthcare, business, and software engineering backgrounds.  We are developing software to help doctors resolve complex medical cases more rapidly by connecting doctors with the relevant scholarly articles, similar cases, and local experts to weigh in on their cases until they are solved.

Job Description: Looking for sys admin to migrate our Amazon EC2 hosted Ubuntu web server to a VMware host.  We also would like to take initial steps to improve the security, speed, and reliability of the server architecture (each vm hosts different services needed by the GRT site and our development workflow).  The job pays $40-50/hour depending on experience and we estimate 15 hours for the job.  If it takes longer than 15 hours, we can revisit this estimate.  Provided good work, we have other projects in the short-medium term.
More Information
GRT is currently preparing to soft launch with a department at a local area hospital in the coming months, and are looking forward to an open-beta this coming year to the nationwide medical community.
Apply and Contact: 
Please send resume to or any questions as soon as possible.
Eric King
Founder and CEO, 
Grand Round Table, Inc
Practicing Better Medicine Together
Phone: 720-663-7427

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