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Re: [PLUG] "playing nicely with others"-ie

 and dont use internet explorer.
ne'er do wells have traditionally use it as an attack target
 Ron Kaye Jr 

On 01/23/13, Robert Spangler wrote:

On Wednesday 09 January 2013 17:59, the following was written:

> I imagine you guys have similar LANs either at home or at the office,
> and my question for you is, "How do you gain the level of confidence
> with the Windows machines' security that you have with that of the Linux
> boxen?" For instance, is there a no-nonsense protective suite you
> recommend?

First and foremost is do not use windows is the best protection.

That being said, if you must use windows then do not use it with an ADMIN 
account. Create another user with user level credentials and use that. 
Malware and viruses cannot corrupt the register if you are not the admin 

99% of all calls I receive for viruses and malware are directly connected to 
the admin account being used for everyday use.

Do the above and use plugins on your browser and you should be fine.



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