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From: Casey Bralla<>
To: PLUG Philadelphia Linux Users Group<>

I'm going to be rebuilding my server and want to add simple RAID 1 mirroring.
My motherboard BIOS can do this for me, or I can set up Linux to do it.

I'v never done a RAID setup before, so I'm kind of stumbling in the dark.
(I'm going to test setting up RAID in a VirtualBox machine to make sure I can
at least get it operating.)

Anybody have a suggestion on how to set up RAID, or know of a good reference?

+1 for Linux software RAID for the same reasons as Bhaskar & Rich.

Also, we've talked about this in the list before, especially:
	RAID @ Home (was "Saving data from a precarious drive")
	Mirrored drives with LVM
	Hot-swapping Linux RAID1 (was Re: Computer case)

But there are others.

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