Casey Bralla on 11 Apr 2013 07:49:29 -0700

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[PLUG] RAID for swap?

Recently, I got a lot of good advice about how to setup RAID and I have a 
follow-up question.

Should I RAID the swap space too?

It seems to me that having the swap partition RAID'd would increase the 
reliability of swap, at the penalty of execution speed when it is needed.  
Alternately, I could simply create two swap partitions, and only use 1 of 
them.  If that disk died, I could just manually activate the swap on the other 

BTW, my situation is that I have 2 identical SATA disks.  I thought I would 
partition them identically, with a single large root partition and a swap 
partition.  I could put the /boot partition separately on one of the disks in 
lieu of the second swap partition, but then I've reduced the reliability of 
booting if one disks dies.

Any thoughts or suggestions?  TIA!

Casey Bralla

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