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Re: [PLUG] Embedded 3-Port Firwall?

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Wow.  +1 for a presentation on this.

On 04/12/2013 06:20 PM, Lee H. Marzke wrote:
> I now run pfSense firewall as a VM in my ESXi server,  so my power for that box went down to zero!    I'm also routing IPv6 traffic to my website through pfSense. (
> The same ESXi server also runs a ZFS SAN for the VM's and a bunch of Linux VM's, including a plone server, Mailman mailservers,  Zimbra test server, VMware VIEW demo, etc. I hope to do a presentation on this setup sometime.
> I did keep the old physical linux router box around just in case of any bootstrap problems.
> Lee
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>> From: "Casey Bralla" <> To: "PLUG Philadelphia Linux Users Group" <> Sent: Friday, 12 April, 2013 8:27:17 AM Subject: [PLUG] Embedded 3-Port Firwall?
>> I'm currently using an old Linux box as a firewall/router.  I'm running "shorewall" in a 3-interface configuration (WAN, DMZ, & Local zones). (  This system works great, but I'm looking for something that consumes less energy, so thought about loading OpenWRT or some other embedded Linux that would have the same ease-of-use as shorewall.  That way I would run a simple router instead of a 10-year old PC.
>> Has anybody created such a device?  Any advice to offer?
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