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[PLUG] SAMBA Mount from Linux WTF

OK, I'm building a simple Raspberry Pi NAS. Got the hardware working- well, mostly (gonna hold off on installing the mirror drive until everything's 100% operational). But the SAMBA configuration is driving me even further around the bend.

I know that the smb.conf and permissions on the Pi are correct b/c I can connect to that drive and have full RW permissions from Windows. From my primary linux workstation- where all of the data resides at the moment- is another story. I can mount it, but read-only.

The smb.conf on the Pi is as simple as can be:

workgroup = zionia
encrypt passwords = true
security = user
wins support = yes
read >
browsable = yes
read > path = /media/drive1/adam
valid users = adam
writeable = yes

browseable = yes
read >path = /media/drive1/ilana
valid users = ilana
writeable = yes

And, before anyone asks, I created smb users adam + ilana, and know their passwords.

Not sure that the smb.conf on the workstation much matters in this particular case, but I made sure that encrypt passwords was true and security was user on it. The command that I'm using- unsuccessfully- to mount this share is :

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=adam,password=******** // /home/adam/NAS

The mount succeeds- but read-only. As I said, this happens only on linux- when I mount from Windows 7, it's a full RW drive connection. Here's the kicker: if I sudo a file command from mount on the linux box- say, "sudo rm /home/adam/NAS/gofrakyourself"- it works perfectly.

I have confirmed that permissions are correct on the Pi's filesystem. I ran chown adam adam and chown ilana ilana in the relevant share directory, and ran a chmod 755 adam to give it the correct permissions as well. My next step is to set up a zero-security server and find out what the hell's wrong, but I'd rather not do that for even a microsecond.


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