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Re: [PLUG] Moving user accounts - update


i do not see how to login as root under Unity. It just gives a list of available accounts and root is not among them. I have not as yet figured out how to get to a login prompt.


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Frank Szczerba <> wrote:

>Boot normally. Log in as root (you'll probably need to use a local console) or su to root, then run visudo to edit the sudoers file. It's generally not a good idea to edit sudoers any other way than with visudo.
>When you boot into recovery mode, the filesystem with the sudoers file is probably mounted read-only. If that's the case, you could remount it read-write, but I'd just use a normal boot. There should be no need for recovery mode. As long as you have the root password you can always just use su to become root (this was the only way to do operations as root in the old days before sudo).
>On May 12, 2013, at 4:58 PM, "Eric H. Johnson" <> wrote:
>> I was mostly successfully in moving all of the user accounts and associated
>> data to the new computer (Ubuntu). So far, everything seems to have come
>> over fine. The main problem I have encountered is that when I run something
>> with sudo from the administrator account, I get an error that the account is
>> not in the sudoers file, nor is this the case for any account listed on the
>> unity login screen.
>> I booted to recovery mode and the root command line to try to add the
>> administrator account to the sudoers file, but am not allowed to either run
>> visudo or simply edit and save the sudoers file (using nano). The sudoers
>> file is read only, so I tried chmod to add write privileges. I don't get an
>> error, but the file does not change from read-only.
>> Any suggestions on how I can get sudo to run from what was the administrator
>> account.
>> Note: I did back-up the accounts on the new computer before the migration,
>> but again I do not know how to restore the administrator account without
>> sudo.
>> Thanks,
>> Eric
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